Special Features
Dual LED Head Lights Branded Tubeless Tyre
3 Speed Control Regenerating Breaking System
Warranty 1* Year* Reverse Gear
Mobile Charging USB 2.0
Anti theft Alarm Emergency Switch
Side Stand Sensor Right Thumb On/off
Electronic ABS Keyless Entry / Cruise Control
Color Black, White, Red, Grey
Lead Acid 12v28 AH x 5 Battaries
Lithium Ion 60v/26AH x1 Pack
Lithium Phosphate 60v/26AH x1 Pack
With Lead Acid 103 kg
With Lithium Ion 80 kg
With Lithium Phosphate 80 kg
Battery Life Span
With Lead Acid 500 Cycles
With Lithium Ion 1500 Cycles
With Lithium Phosphate 2000 Cycles
Consumption of Units
Lead Acid
Lithium Ion 1 Units
Lithium Phosphate
Time For Charge
Lead Acid 6-8 Hrs
Lithium Ion 3-5 Hrs
Lithium Phosphate 3-5 Hrs
Type of Motor BLDC
Type High Rigid Tubular Indian Made Frame
Front Telescopic
Rear Hydraulic
Front Disc Brake
Rear Drum Brake
Lithum Ion Rs. 69,500/
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