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In the world, transportation is a major contributor to greenhouse emissions. The sector approximately accounts for 20 to 23% of overall emissions. Further, road transport contributes to around 70 to 75% of transportation emissions. We pride in our motive to make Indian transportation smart, green, and emission-free.

Today, India is moving towards green commitment across sectors. Electric mobility and the trend of people shifting to e-vehicle is rapidly increasing.

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e-Ashwa Automotive

In the world, transportation is a major contributor to greenhouse emissions. The sector approximately accounts for 20% to 23% of overall emissions. Further, road transport contributes to around 70% to 75% of transportation emissions. We pride in our motive to make Indian transportation smart, green, and emission-free.

Knowing this, e-Ashwa Automotive manufactures range of eco-friendly battery-operated vehicles. Our assortment of electric vehicles is infinitely admired by vast customers. We guarantee high performance and long service life for all e-vehicles. We strongly believe in continuous improvement and work towards improving battery technology. E-vehicles are designed in a way to offer the same road performance as conventional fuel vehicles at a lower cost and better return on investment.

State of the art manufacturing offering excellent electric vehicles to discrete customers

Our entire manufacturing process is continuously benchmarked for quality. Being among the top electric vehicle manufacturing companies, our products are known for low maintenance and reasonable price. This is possible with our vast experience in the e-vehicle domain. We have highly-skilled engineering, design, and manufacturing team. They take customer feedback as the core input while making an e-vehicle. Each vehicle made by us is checked frequently for defects and is calibrated against the latest industry standards.
-   Our two wheelers particularly electric scooters are designed predictably with stylish comfort modular design. Convenience, Comport and Style are the three mantras in which we        manufacturer e-bikes.
-  When it comes to three wheelers we manufacture best e-Rickshaws, e-Loaders and e-autos and are known as best battery rickshaw supplier in India. Our manufacturing process is      exceptionally process-driven. We use the best quality materials since we are aware that e-rickshaws are used in heavy and rigid operations. Our e-rickshaws can withstand any road terrain      and tough weather conditions. This is the reason why we are called as the finest e-Rickshaw Manufacturers & Supplier at best price in India.

Key benefits of choosing an electric vehicle from e-Ashwa Automotive

Better Return on Investment: Are you a new customer looking for electric vehicles or planning to change a fuel-driven vehicle? Then with rising fuel costs, the best option is to get a battery-operated vehicle from e-Ashwa Automotive. Besides affordable cost, the beauty of e-vehicles is that they give a faster return on investment. With exceptionally lower operating costs, an e-rickshaw rider can generate a high income for living.

Less Maintenance Required: low maintenance cost in e-rickshaw or an e-scooter. Since there is no fuel involved, the motors and operating parts is impressive even after a long run. Further, the essential spare parts are available everywhere at a reasonable price. With the advent of technology and the manufacturing process today, e-vehicles have become more robust.

Impressive Sturdiness guaranteed: Whether it’s an e-auto or e-loader or e-rickshaw or e-scooter, customers choose an electric vehicle because of its assured performance and sturdiness. In the case of an electric scooter, the vehicle offers extreme comfort with durability. In the case of e-auto and rickshaw, the vehicle offers a smooth passenger ride with robustness.

Outstanding Turning Radius:The major benefit of an e-vehicle is the performance on the road. The e-rickshaws have the best turning radius in comparison to conventional rickshaws. Whether the road is busy with vehicles or in touch with weather conditions, the e-rickshaw from e-Ashwa Automotive guarantee outstanding running in all terrains.

Low cost of operation and running: Since the e-vehicles run on battery, the cost of running is minimal. The scenario is not the same for the conventional vehicle which uses fuel like diesel or petrol whose prices are volatile. The battery operating e-scooter or e-auto running cost is the same all through the year. Further, since the battery is used, there is no release of toxic gases into the air. The e-vehicles are completely environment-friendly and cost-friendly to customers.

The above vital benefits are guaranteed in all e-vehicles manufactured by us.Get the best E-Rickshaw Price in India with e-Ashwa Automotive. We are known as the best electric vehicle manufacturing companies in India because of our effective features and timely delivery.

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